Saturday 15 February 2020

Verizon Highlights from their Investor Day Presentations

Verizon hosted an investor meeting with Chairman & CEO Hans Vestberg, CFO Matt Ellis and members of the senior executive team. Their presentations covered a discussion of their strategy, network leadership and 5G progress. The webcast and presentation from the event is available here.

In this post we will look at some of the slides to understand what Verizon is doing in their network. Starting with the slide shown above, you can see their planned transformation journey. In the last couple if years they have transformed the network to what they refer to as Verizon 2.0. There is a lot of improvement planned for the next few years, including scaling UWB & 5G Nationwide and expanding 5G Public & Private Edge.
Verizon will continue to extend Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) across consumer & business offering an alternative to cable and satellite broadband. New solutions, access to 3rd part cloud ecosystem, developer ecosystem and business models will provide it with an edge over rivals.
2020 commitments include driving the 5G growth, mainly deploying 5 times more 5G small cells in addition to the year-on-year increase. In addition Verizon will roll out Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) nationwide and build over 60 5G UWB mobility cities. This means that 5G would be seamlessly available, especially on the roads and the streets. Over 10 5G UWB home cities would be created with 5G NR and nextGen CPE. This means that Verizon will take the FWA fight to these places. Finally, over 10 5G commercial MEC centers would be available for next generation services.
This slide clarifies and details the points mentioned above, especially with regards to MEC (Multi-Access Edge Computing).

Finally, when Verizon claims '5G Built Right', what does that mean? It means different options for connectivity including Fiber, Wireline, Wireless and Private Networks; different Platforms including Telematics, IoT, Computer Vision and 5G Edge; different Solution including Managed Network Services, Security and Edge Apps and SaaS.
Also, 5G buillt right across every industry vertical be it Retail, Manufacturing, Venues, Healthcare, Smart Communities, Transportation, Construction or Logistics.

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