Wednesday 6 April 2022

Telefonica's Vision of Open RAN from MWC 2022

Open RAN is very much work in progress at Telefonica with initial phases about to reach completion and massive deployments about to start. Maite Aparicio is Head of Open RAN and Global CTIO at Telefónica. She leads a team that drives the development of the Open RAN solution for Telefonica with the objective of ensuring that this Open RAN solution fulfils the technical and economic requirements.

At MWC, she gave a talk on Open RAN on their booth. The session covered Open RAN plans and an overview of the main technology elements that Telefónica is developing in collaboration with selected partners of the Open RAN ecosystem. 

The presentation highlighted that Telefonica expects Open RAN to play a big role in their network going forward. From their point of view, Open RAN enables new use cases, and allows new business opportunities. The removal of dependency on vendors is an added bonus. There is still work that needs to be done, as can be seen in the slide above.

The fact that Telefonica has been one of the leaders in the field has provided them with valuable insights on the challenges and concerns that must be solved before the massive adoption of Open RAN

Even though Open RAN vendors have been continuously improving their products and reaching a parity with traditional vendors, there is still room for improvement based on the learnings. 

The video of the presentation is shared below. In this Telefonica shared the main lessons learned from the initial Open RAN pilots and how they plan to progress with Open RAN going forward.

The slides are available here.

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