Saturday 9 October 2021

Telefonica Presents Strategy for Systems and Network Evolution

Last month, speaking at Morgan Stanley Telecoms CTO Symposium, Enrique Blanco, Global CTIO of Telefónica laid out their strategy for 'Systems and Network Evolution'. This included mobile as well as fixed line evolution.

As part of the presentation, he covered the following topics:

  • Evolution of Fiber technology towards 50G-PON by means of a multiservice approach
  • Providing differential customer experience through excellent Wi-Fi quality and home equipment
    • Moving forward to Wi-Fi 6, using home devices ecosystem as an open service platform at home and providing FWA solutions
  • Completing coverage and capacity deployments of 4G networks as 5G networks are activated
  • 5G deployment at the right pace according to business needs
  • 5G, in its final version (SA), will provide differential attributes for the provision of new services
    • 5G is an attractive technology to promote new enterprise businesses that demand specific use cases in Industrial IoT
    • 5G and Edge computing as enablers for new services requiring low latency and locality
  • Evolution of networks and systems towards virtualized and open architectures to ensure the strength of industry ecosystems
    • This is being carried out in all the segments of the network and the systems
  • Open RAN and Open Broadband: enabling the evolution of our access while managing the vendor map by creating robust ecosystems
  • Follow IT Architecture principles to progress towards the cloudification and digitalization, and provide differential value to the market and customers
    • While building a new operating model where AI would be a key component…
  • Create value with 5G beyond improvement in browsing, speed and latency
  • Working with active sectors in 5G and approaching horizontal multi-sector 5G applications
  • Serving Society as a whole while supporting sustainability
  • Become leaders in cutting-edge digital services by unlocking the power of integrating technology

You can get the slides for the above presentation from here. Pablo Eguiron, CFO at Telefónica Tech also did a virtual presentation on 'The partner to fully capture the B2B opportunity' at 18th Caixabank BPI Iberian Conference. Slides from that are available here.

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