Monday 15 October 2018

Big Data & Artificial Intelligence at Telefónica Deutschland

Telefonica Deutschland, a.k.a. O2 Germany is Germany's largest mobile operator. As in case of many other advanced mobile operators, its looking at how to exploit Big Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve end-user QoE.

Telefonica's 3G coverage is close to 90% while the LTE coverage is over 80%.

Advanced Data Analytics  can be applied to big data with the intention of monetizing it. As can be seen in the picture above:

  • Transport analytics can be applied to develop insights into human journeys to support customer decision-making (e.g. for traffic optimisation). This data can be useful to Transport companies, cities, out-of-home media, etc.
  • Retail analytics can be used to better understand consumer behaviour in store and out of store to improve customer journeys. This data can be retail shops, operators of branch networks, etc.

At MWC 2018, Telefónica launched Aura, an artificial intelligence-powered digital assistant that will transform the way customers interact with Telefónica and manage their digital life with the company. They first release of Aura was made available in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom.  Aura will be delivered to customer devices via a mobile application, but also via other third-party channels including Facebook, Google and Microsoft.

The intention of AI powered assistant is to increase customer benefits and reduce costs.

The end goal for Telefónica Deutschland is to become Mobile Customer & Digital champion. We wish them all the best!

Source: Telefónica Deutschland Capital Market Day 2018

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