Sunday 26 July 2020

Luxembourg Gets 5G Spectrum

Luxembourg, the only grand duchy still in existence, started the 5G spectrum auction on 13 July and ended five days later after 38 rounds of bidding.

The Department of Media, Telecommunications and Digital Policy (Services des Medias et des Communications, SMC) announced that four bidders have secured 5G frequencies in the recent 700MHz and 3600MHz spectrum auction, paying a total of EUR 41.3 million.

Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in Europe, and ranked 167th in size of all the 194 independent countries of the world; the country is about 2,586 square kilometres (998 sq mi) in size, and measures 82 km (51 mi) long and 57 km (35 mi) wide but it is the second richest country in the world and has the highest minimum wage in the EU.

The auction results were as follows:

700 MHz band:
  • Orange Communications Luxembourg SA: 2x10 MHz
  • Post Luxembourg: 2x10 MHz
  • Proximus Luxembourg SA: 2x10 MHz

3600 MHz band:
  • Luxembourg Online SA: 10 MHz
  • Orange Communications Luxembourg SA: 110 MHz
  • Post Luxembourg: 110 MHz
  • Proximus Luxembourg SA: 100 MHz

Comms Update reports that the 15-year licences, which are renewable at least once for a period of five years, are subject to a number of coverage obligations which aim to ensure 5G services are available in the Luxembourg municipality by the end of 2020 and nationwide no later than 2025.

We will now have to wait and see how quickly does 5G roll out in Luxembourg!


  1. 3.6ghz with 10Mhz and does the current device ecosystem support that..

  2. n78 supports bandwidths from 10MHz to 100 MHz and different bandwiths exists in different parts so no issue. For 110, the device would need to use Intra-band CA but not sure if the existing devices support it.