Sunday 15 August 2021

How 5G will enable a Digital Society

At the 2021 Joint EuCNC (European Conference on Networks and Communications) & 6G Summit, Manuel Ramalho Eanes, Executive Board Member, NOS SGPS, Portugal talked about "How 5G will enable a Digital Society". NOS is the largest communications and entertainment group in Portugal. It offers state-of-the-art fixed and mobile solutions to all market segments, supported by the most advanced technologies. In 2020, NOS was the largest private Portuguese R&D investor, reflecting a strong commitment to innovation and technological development, which is part of NOS DNA since day one. The following is the abstract of the talk:

In this context, we look at 5G not only as our main strategic pillar but as an important catalyst for the upcoming industrial revolution, which promises to change the way we live, how companies work and how societies govern themselves. The disruption that 5G contains, more than the direct extrapolation of its characteristics, envolves all the adjacent technologies that it drives. Without the latency, reliability, resilience, speed and performance of 5G, these technologies would never be scalable. In this sense, 5G is the accelerator of a digital society marked by immersive experiences, autonomous and collaborative mechanisms, massive exchanges of information, artificial intelligence and sensing of the physical world.

To seize this opportunity, it is therefore necessary to work in a network, fostering comprehensive and complementary ecosystems, with a great focus on experimentation, but also on the real value for the economy. That’s how we started our path to 5G at NOS. By creating agile teams, with employees from multiple departments, but working close to various partners, ensuring the adaptation of technology to each business, in different contexts. In this sense, we believe that we are at the forefront of technology implementation, actively contributing to the construction of smart cities and the development of society 5.0. As an engine of transformation in Portugal and always embracing the future, NOS wants to inspire and mobilize everyone to conquer new possibilities, in a country and culture that has the fundamental requirements to incubate the ideas and initiatives that will transform the world.

Here is the video of the talk:

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