Sunday 10 January 2021

Maroc Telecom Rebrands as Moov Africa

Earlier this week Commsupdate reported that Maroc Telecom is rebranding its eleven subsidiaries in Africa as Moov Africa, effective 1 January 2021. The company, which has more than 70 million customers on the continent, has revealed its plans to unite its subsidiaries around a single identity: ‘This new identity illustrates the vision of the Maroc Telecom group “Africa on the move”, which lies in the principle of sharing the group’s know-how and its capacity for innovation for the benefit of the countries in which it operates’.

While we looked at Maroc Telecom's presence back in 2018. Since then things haven't moved on too much but the chart above is from the latest available update. 

Cemac Eco Finance added in their release of the news regarding above:

Today, a new chapter in this shared epic opens with a new brand identity that brings together all the subsidiaries of the Maroc Telecom Group under  a single shared identity , with a larger territory of presence and  synergy effects.  which will contribute to the commercial influence of the brand in each country.

This new identity illustrates  the Maroc Telecom Group's vision  : “  Africa on the move  ”, which lies in the principle of sharing the group's know-how and its capacity for innovation for the benefit of the countries in which it operates.

Thus, as of 1 st  January 2021, Gabon Telecom communicate under the trademark  "Moov Gabon Telecom Africa  ", with a new graphic sign that shows membership in Morocco Telecom Group and adopt the slogan "  A new world calls you"  to the global operator, which is part of the continuity of a promise of a world of innovations which is constantly being renewed.

To assert this new brand identity and make it known to as many people as possible, the MOOV AFRICA GABON TELECOM subsidiary is launching a communication campaign common to all the countries in which the Group is present:  a continental campaign with the participation of a world champion the sporting legend,  Teddy Riner , who is about to compete for his 4 th  Olympic medal and has not failed to lend his voice and likeness to Morocco Telecom Group for wearing loud colors operator global telecommunications company of which he has been the ambassador since 2017.

The new Moov Africa brand identity of the Maroc Telecom Group thus marks a further step in the international development of the Maroc Telecom Group, and thus reaffirms the unequivocal commitment of the Maroc Telecom Group alongside Gabon to offer the best products and services to its customers.


The name:

The choice of the new brand name for all the African subsidiaries has its roots in the “MOOV” brand, already present in 50% of the Maroc Telecom Group territory and which illustrates this strong image of movement, renewal and life.

The Ellipse:

Symbolizes  dynamism , one of the founding values ​​on which the culture of the Maroc Telecom Group is based in all the countries where it is active.

The MOOV name reinforces this momentum of dynamism and movement.

The Losanges:

Evoke  the  digital  and  technological universe  in which the group operates.

Colors :

The  blue , evoking the world of technology and innovation, orange, symbol of energy and vitality, represents the sun, the warmth, vitality and African generosity.

Signature :

This is the promise of the Maroc Telecom Group.

A historic signature, which has experience and consistency, through the achievements and major innovations brought by the operator for more than 20 years. And which paradoxically, remains definitively current through a promise which is constantly renewed: "A new world calls you". The word "call" is defined here in the primary and universal sense of communication; that of creating a link, the link towards this new world and therefore the future in all that it brings of innovations and technological and societal benefits.

The video below shows the transition from Green to Blue, Moov Bénin becomes Moov Africa

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