Saturday 31 October 2020

NTT Docomo outlines their 5G Journey and 5G Network Deployment details

We have often written about NTT Docomo in this and other blogs. Even though Docomo doesn't shout a lot about their achievements, they are one of the pioneers of many new technologies and innovations, not just in Japan but in the world.  

Now that the main architecture of 5G is ready and the industry focus is on 6G, NTT Docomo has detailed their 5G journey and achievements in the latest NTT Docomo Technical Journal here. In addition to highlighting their approach, innovations and journey, these articles also show how the current 5G ties to NTT Docomo's vision that was set in 2014/15. 

In addition to the vision and innovation, they have done numerous trials with many different partners (see the videos and related posts below) to make sure that the visions do translate into reality. The tables above lists all the technology and field trials. Some of these are in the videos below.

You can read the latest issue of the NTT Docomo Technical Journal here.

For more details, please check the posts below. If there is anything interesting we have missed, please add it in the comments below.

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