Wednesday 22 April 2020

China Mobile Establishing "5G+" Competitive Advantages

China Mobile is the world's largest mobile operator by subscriber numbers. There is roughly a difference of around 400 million subscribers between them and Vodafone Group, next on the list. According to the latest numbers published in the Interim 2019 report that covers a period of up till June 2019, they had 935 million, of which, the total number of 4G customers reached 734 million. Tefficient reported a total of 942 million subscribers at the end of Feb 2020.

The total number of 4G base stations in the first half of 2019 was 2.71 million including a net addition of 300,000, providing robust support for the development of large volumes of data traffic business. By the end of 2019, China Mobile planned to set up more than 50,000 5G base stations in China and launch 5G commercial services in more than 50 cities.

According to the report, China Mobile is working on implementing the following comprehensive “5G+” plans:

5G+4G. We will drive 5G and 4G technology and resource-sharing, and nurture synergies between the 5G and 4G network coverage and business operations. We will leverage the 4G base station sites and transmission facilities to build out our 5G network in a cost-effective manner. Our plan for this year is to set up more than 50,000 5G base stations in China and launch 5G commercial services in more than 50 cities. At the same time, we will play a more significant role in the next phase of setting international standards for 5G (Release 16). We will coordinate industry efforts to carry out research on fundamental 5G technology in order to ensure the continued advancement of this technology.

5G+AICDE. We will assimilate emerging technologies such as AI, IoT, cloud computing, big data and edge computing into 5G in order to combine connectivity with digital services. In addition, we will build out our service capability in areas including industrial IoT designated network slicing, one-stop cloud network convergence, secure and reliable big data services and telecommunications-grade edge computing. Centred around 5G, we will build a ubiquitous digital infrastructure, launch new capabilities and applications, develop new use cases and nurture more new businesses. Our goal is to become a leading new smart city operator.

5G+Ecology. We will establish an all-encompassing 5G open ecology that nurtures a 5G system by connecting partners throughout the information and communications industry chain, key verticals, innovative powers in society, high-performing technology and research institutes, and other telecommunications operators. Through our 5G Innovation Centre, 5G Device Forerunner Initiative, 5G Industry Digital Alliance and 5G Multi-media Innovation Initiative, we will drive, with our partners, the development of 5G devices, the innovation of 5G applications and the creation of 5G premium content. In addition, we will launch the BEST commercial plan, which aims to reinforce the “Basic service”, provide premium “Enabling services” and strengthen “Specialised services” so that we can march into the “Time of 5G” with our partners.

5G+X. Building on the foundation of the three “5G+” initiatives above, we will develop a “5G+X” strategy, where “X” stands for the wider application of 5G in a plethora of industry sectors and the mass market. On the one hand, we will launch innovative and integrated 5G applications to promote digitisation across sectors such as agriculture, industry, transport, healthcare, city administration, finance and education. On the other hand, for general customers, we will launch 5G ultra high definition videos, games and ring videos to satisfy customers’ appetite for a better digital life. We have accumulated more than 60 use cases of 5G across verticals, such as smart power grids, smart factories, smart ports, autonomous driving in certain designated areas, emergency rescue missions, remote medical treatment, smart campuses and high-definition cloud-based games. The 4G era has already improved people’s lives, and the 5G era will transform our society, bringing opportunities for development that have never been possible before. 5G will become the foundation for all-encompassing smart connections. In this historic moment, we will strive to maintain our competitive advantage and set the benchmark for the global telecommunications industry. We will continue to enhance the value of China Mobile surrounding “5G+”

Dr. Chih-Lin I, China Mobile, presented '5G++ the Journey Continues' at 5G World Forum Dresden, 2019 where she paints an immersive picture of what the network looks like from 4G changing lives to 5G changing society. She further discusses the timeline and trials beyond today’s 5G environment, including China’s spectrum status, licensing, standards and the all-encompassing capabilities from entertainment to medical services to open-source architecture, that the cutting edge 5G has to offer. Some of these things may be a bit outdated but there are a lot of insights in the talk

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