Monday 23 December 2019

Top 5 Posts for 2019

Japan and Switzerland posts dominated the most read articles on this blog in 2019. Not sure if this is because English news from these places are not readily available or if we just did a fantastic job. We would like to think the second case but do let us know otherwise. Here are the top 5 posts:

1. World's largest mobile networks by subscriber numbers - Jan 2019

2. Rakuten Japan: Transitioning from MVNO to MNO later in 2019 - March 2019

3. Japan Mobile Subscribers and MNO Market Share - Feb 2019

4. Switzerland 5G Spectrum Auctions Results - Feb 2019

5. Swisscom Plans to Deploy 5G Standalone (SA) in 2020 - Nov 2019

This post narrowly missed out but I am still including it

6. Japan allocates 5G Spectrum in 3.7GHz, 4.5GHz and 28GHz bands - Apr 2019

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