Sunday 25 August 2019

Jio Makes Another Set of Extremely Bold Announcements

Reliance Jio certainly knows how to stay in news, not just because of clever marketing but because of its extremely bold initiatives that is starting to make not just their competitors nervous but other industries like the cinemas, ISPs, cable companies, etc.

In the latest annual general meeting (AGM - video embedded below), their Chairman and Managing Director, Mukesh Ambani made some very interesting announcements. The complete statement is available here but here are the main points (from the report - note the CAPS is as shown in the report, not emphasized by me but the bold is by me):

  • JIO's customer base has crossed 340 million users and they are signing up more than 10 million new customers EACH MONTH.
  • The core and aggregation layers of our converged network have been 5G ready since day one
  • Jio is now Ready to kickstart FOUR more engines of CONNECTIVITY REVENUE for Jio.
    • INTERNET OF THINGS or IoT all over India.
      • JIO has developed an innovative service on its pan-India 4G network called Narrowband Internet-of-Things or NBIoT, for short.
      • Within another 2 years, it is estimated that there will be more than 2 Billion Connected IOT devices in India
      • Jio aims to connect at least 1 BILLION of these on JIO's IoT platform
      • This translates into a ₹20,000 CRORE PER YEAR revenue opportunity for JIO.
      • Jio's IoT platform will be commercially available starting 1st January, 2020.
      • Jio Fiber, currently in preview phase with 500,000 users but will launch commercially on September 5.
      • The trial homes on average are consuming more than 100 GBs per month and this usage is increasing with each passing day.
      • Jio has drawn up a plan to reach 20 million residences and 15 million business establishments in these 1,600 towns
      • The company will offer plans from ₹700 ($10) to ₹10,000 ($140) with speeds up to 1Gbps.
      • You get a landline phone connection, at no additional cost.
      • And you get a DIGITALSET-TOP-BOX that opens up unparalleled digital experiences within your home
      • VIRTUAL REALITY content
      • and many other SMART-HOME SOLUTIONS
      • JIO SET-TOP-BOX to accept the broadcast cable TV signals from our LCO (Local Cable Operators) partners.
      • JIOFIBER enables a powerful combination of FIXED-LINE CONNECTIVITY and CLOUD APPLICATIONS leapfrogging them from NO TECHNOLOGY to having a complete line-up of cutting-edge, plug-and-play technology enabled tools.
      • Today cloud-based solutions provide out-of-the-box capabilities which are easier, faster and cheaper to adopt. JIOFIBER and JIO's cloud solutions level the playing field for Indian enterprises enabling them to accelerate their digital transformation and compete globally using the very same technologies that are used by global majors.
  • JIOFIBER plan STARTS WITH 100 Mbps speed and we have plans all the way up to 1 Gbps or 1000 Mbps, plans will be priced between ₹700 to ₹10,000 per month to suit every budget and every need.
    • Landline voice calls from home to any Indian operator - mobile or fixed - will be absolutely free forever.
    • Bundled landline service will let them call any network in the country for free.
    • Unlimited free calls to the US and Canada for ₹500 ($7) per month.
  • JIOFIBER plans will come BUNDLED with subscriptions to most leading premium OTT applications.
    • Premium JIOFIBER customers will be able to watch movies in their living rooms the same day these movies are released in theatres! This is called JIO FIRST-DAY-FIRST-SHOW. Jio plans to launch this service in the middle of 2020.
  • A special mobility service for our JioFiber users called JIO POSTPAID PLUS, to deliver a platinum-grade service and product experience.
    • India's first priority SIM-setup service at home, where your connection will be moved to Jio by visiting your home.
    • Seamless Data and Voice Connectivity across all your devices, both at home and outside.
    • Unprecedented Family plans – one data plan for better control on GBs and sharing within your family.
    • International roaming at a fraction of a cost with superior service experience
    • Phone upgrades at preferential rates
    • All your home solutions on your phone.
  • JIOFIBER customers who opt for our annual plans which we call JIO-FOREVER plans, will get an HD OR 4K LED TELEVISION and a 4K SET-TOP-BOX ABSOLUTELY FREE. We are calling this the JIOFIBER WELCOME OFFER.
  • JIO is already a software company.
    • JIO has over 6000 software engineers and we are continuing to attract technology talent from across India and the world.
    • JIO is also investing in a growing ecosystem of technology startups.
  • Blockchain technology all over India: Using Blockchain, we also have an opportunity to invent a brand-new model for data privacy where Indian data especially customer data is owned and controlled through technology by the Indian people and not by corporates, especially global corporations. Data is wealth and Indian wealth must remain in India
    • Over the next 12 months, JIO will install across India one of the largest blockchain networks in the world with tens of thousands of nodes operational on day one.
  • Edge computing and Virtual and Mixed Reality content: Delivering immersive content to hundreds of millions of users requires a well-integrated solution spanning connectivity, data storage and real-time computing. And we need to deploy such solutions at the edge of the network or in other words, closer to where our users are.
    • JIO is setting up a pan-India Edge Computing and Content Distribution network again starting with tens of thousands of nodes.
    • This means that your favourite content and applications will be even nearer to you. So even faster downloads and faster response times.
  • CLOUD INFRASTRUCTURE across India: To leapfrog the world, it is a national imperative to develop a nation-wide cloud computing infrastructure that is both cutting-edge and affordable. Jio and Microsoft have entered into a globally unique long-term alliance to accelerate the digital transformation of our country. 
    • As part of this alliance, while Jio sets up a network of large world-class datacenters across India, Microsoft will bring its Azure cloud platform into Jio's datacenters. 
    • When we put these two pieces together, we now have the capability to develop truly India-native solutions including Speech Recognition and Natural language understanding for all major Indian languages and dialects.

As a result of the announcements, Reliance shares went up 12% in biggest intraday rise in decade; Airtel and Vodafone shares dipped. Some cinemas have been unnerved by Reliance Jio offer, leading multiplex companies hit back saying that they will not screen films that are released on OTT simultaneously.

A fact that was announced during the demo was that the amount of fiber already laid by Jio can circle the earth 11 times.

Here is the complete AGM video

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