Wednesday 20 March 2019

Sky Mobile: Winner of best MVNO

Sky Mobile is a UK MVNO which uses O2’s infrastructure. So wherever O2 has signal, so does Sky Mobile , which currently means 4G coverage for around 99% of the UK population indoors. Since their inception Sky Mobile continues to gain recognition for their innovative strategies and customer service.

Sky Mobile won MVNO of the year in 2018 and once more again this year. 

Some examples of the unique approach that Sky has been adopting with their mobile plans.

Firstly in January of last year it was announced they had saved customers over £20 million worth of data spend due to rolling over the previous month’s unused data.Sky Mobile Roll, it banks unused data for up to three years.

On average Sky Mobile customers were saved from spending on average £100 each topping up data, out of fear of running out before the allotted time.

Sky Mobile customers saved over 2.2 billion gigabytes of mobile data. That is equivalent to streaming over three million hours of TV and movies on a phone, streaming and listening to 440 million songs, or sending over 30 billion instant messages on WhatsApp.

 According to Sky Mobile commercial director Liz Wynn : 
“When we entered the smartphone market we wanted to tackle the issue of unused data and customers paying too much for their allowance. Over 20 million people in the UK were regularly buying more data than they needed to avoid going over their data allowance, and accepted this as the norm. We created Sky Mobile and Roll to challenge this status quo. One year on we can see its working, with our customers already saving £20 million worth of data.”
In addition to this Sky Mobile were recognized for the choice and flexibility of its mobile phone deals, allowing customers to cut costs for things they don't need. Those not needing to make calls or texts from your mobile can save £10 per month by removing them from their plan. If they have no intention of upgrading their phone for a couple of years then they can opt for a Swap 24 tariff for the best prices.

Most recently  Sky Mobile announced a new version of its Watch offer, giving customers unlimited streaming on any Sky app, such as Sky Go, Sky Kids, Sky Sports and Sky Cinema, without using a single MB of their data allowance.

With Watch, Sky customers can stream everything from movies and TV shows to unmissable sports matches live through the Sky apps anywhere in the UK and the EU , without using any data. The new feature builds on the existing Watch offering, where you can download shows to your mobile to watch offline with Sky Go Extra, however this is the first time that you’ll be able to stream wherever you are, on-the-go, without using your data allowance.

Sophia Ahmad, Director of Sky Mobile states: 

 “We launched Sky Mobile to connect our customers to more of what they love. Streaming films and TV shows on-the-go is now one of the most popular ways to pass time while travelling or commuting – and our new Watch offer makes it easier for our customers to stay up to date with the unmissable must-watch television, from Game of Thrones to F1 races, that we know our customers love.”
Sky Mobile also allows customers to use as much of their data as they want for tethering, using their mobile data to get other devices online.

Some criticisms of Sky Mobile have also been made, for example it feels mostly built for Sky TV customers, giving them a huge saving on calls and texts if they subscribe to both.

However, it’s worth considering even if people get their entertainment elsewhere, being able to roll over an unlimited amount of data is a big selling point that few networks can match. 

Being able to change your plan every month also makes Sky Mobile very flexible, however a lack of plans, fairly low data limits and no inclusive roaming beyond Europe holds it back, as does being on O2, as that network currently can’t match the speed of rivals.

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